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Copper brass dining set

Cooking in brass utensils has been an archaic practice due to its various health benefits associated with the metal. Since brass utensils are a combination of zinc and copper, they contain the benefits of both these metals. Brass utensils help sharpen the memory, purify the blood, prevent infections and much more.
Hammered only at 3” in the bottom.

Finish: Golden , safe to put on the heat.
Size: 8 inch X 7 inch
Quantity: 1 Unit

patila karchi brass kitchenware
Kansa Chhana copper

Kansa Plate

Kansa is a difficult metal to work with, and can only be moulded when hot. This causes its highly unique feature of no two plates looking exactly the same. Every Kansa dinner set you hold, is a limited edition, crafted just for you. This extraordinary product requires a complete day to be made.

Finish: Bell metal, the process of making a hammered plate in Kansa is a tedious process and can only be moulded when hot.
Size: 12 inch

With its large brass handle and copper body, the copper water jug is one of the most magnificent products in our collection. Storing water in it will also enrich the water with minerals, making it extremely beneficial for your health.

Material: Copper body, Brass handle and lid with golden finish.
Capacity: 5 liter
Quantity: 1 Unit

Copper water serving jug
Brass glass for drinking

The traditional brass glasses are the pride of Punjab. Known for their size and beauty, they are one of the most sought-after products of the PTAL collection.

Finish: Golden, hammered, lacquered which holds it from tarnishing.
Size: 4.5 inch X 3 inch
Quantity: 1 Unit


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